Rabu, 17 Ogos 2011

long time

wahhh . sepi nya blog ni -.- tapa . let cheer it back :) okay sekarang i selaku pelajar form 3 dah tamat tempoh trial . so what we are waiting for is PMR's war only . dalam jangka masa yang agak singkat ni memang perah otak gila-gila la kan . jadi macam not in study mood . plus pula puasa kan . boleh buat muka slum tak bawa buku then cakap . cikgu kami posa -.- but actually i will miss this all thinggy things (!) ye lah . PMR just around the corner . then we got for pasca pmr then lepak lepak and just for a few days we all will seperate . duhhh u . i takut if i kena pindah . i memang takut . know why ? bila pindah masalah baru akan timbul , new style , change to be more good and hell what . change person . so this is not in my countin' for next year . owh Farah ... study baik-baik . then depends on your result la . btw since i had a boyfie , they were just awesome . iloveallofthem . know why ? don't ask me . because i pun tataw . each of them got different character . i don't look the way they dressup , i look for what they act

 i love my school even it was not famous as yours ^^